On a Saturday and Sunday morning at my house, the kids get up early and after they spend a few minutes all crowded into the bed with mummy and daddy, they begin to clamor for breakfast.

— Awesome daily rituals that bring family together by My Great Big Blog Adventure.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s one of the few times during the day that I can just sit and be with the kids, and often Hubs if he has’t rushed off to work yet, without any distractions.

— Check out more great ways to start the day together on a pure and fresh note by Motherhood, Baking and Boys.

Every Saturday we head to the beach, weather permitting. I think this is Little Miss’ favorite ritual!

— Excerpted from Frugally Green Mom.

One of our families favorite rituals that is not necessarily a daily, but a weekly, is going out for a treat. This is something that I have done with the kids ever since they could walk, and they really look forward to it.

— Rituals that bring family together by At Home Moma.

On a visit to Grandma in Florida my, at that time 6 year old brother refused the orange she offered and asked for Orange Juice instead. I could just imagine that after being so accustomed to Orange Juice in a glass it was hard for my brother to want the oranges,

— Favorite Florida Memory by Metro Tech Neighbors.

Almost every Saturday, either hubby or I cooks a southern style breakfast. It’s become a tradition and a perfect way to begin whatever our Saturday family adventure is for that day.

— Great daily rituals that bring family together by My Cup of Creativi-Tea.

Even on days some of my children don’t feel like a heartier breakfast, they always seem to welcome a muffiin! What could be fresher than starting your day to the smell of yummy baked goods?

— Excerpted from Clarissa Day by Day.

We start every morning off with a hearty breakfast that always contains fresh fruit or vegetables.

— Awesome ways to start the day together on a pure and fresh note by The Suburban Jungle.

While it’s easy to fall into the “quick ‘n’ easy” routine of breakfast, which usually means something that you can pop in the toaster and eat on the run, it’s nice to start your day with something that not only tastes good, but is healthy and fresh. One of the things that I can get everyone to agree on is orange juice.

— Excerpted from Staying Me.

We enjoy participating in the local fruit and vegetable co-op to avoid canned and frozen fruits and vegetables.

— Smart ways to bring the farm to the table by Life with Captain Fussybuckets.